Move for you. Move for life.

We strongly believe in the power of movement as a form of medicine. Everyone's needs and abilities are unique, so whether you're an athlete, a working professional, or a retiree, we can help you find the right kind of movement for you. Whether you're looking to improve your strength and conditioning, increase your balance and flexibility, or just want to be able to move more easily in your daily life and reduce your risk of falls, we're here to help you get moving and feel your best.

  • Semi-Private Reformer Classes

    Our Pilates classes are led by a comprehensively certified instructor and involve 2-3 clients per session.The sessions focus on Pilates with the reformer, but may also incorporate other equipment as well as functional movements, balance, and barre techniques. For those looking to increase the cardiovascular aspect of their workout, the Jump Board can be used to add endurance and breathing exercises to the session.

  • Private Pilates Sessions

    Private sessions provide the highest possible level of customization for the clients needs and fitness goals. These sessions will benefit a client new to Pilates by familiarizing them with principles, terminology, as well as establish any needed modifcations. They are also beneficial for established clients who are looking to take their Pilates training to the next level.

    Privates sessions are recommended for clients recovering from injury.

  • Small Group Fitness

    Experience a diverse range of small group mat classes at our studio, including endurance strength training, mat pilates, and yoga, designed to help you achieve your fitness goals in a supportive and motivating environment, with the support of a qualified instructor. All class sizes are under 8.

Check out what clients are saying...

"I have loved taking Pilates classes with Lissa. She is great at making the classes be challenging and fun at the same time." - Linda A.

"Love Lissa! She is so kind and encouraging while quickly modifying to accommodate any physical restriction....Since the studio is small, I get specific coaching immediately if I'm not doing a move correctly. I'm not lost in a room of overcrouded reformers wondering if I'm doing a move correctly. Love this studio!" - Mollie R.

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